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KACPTA Foundation

We share love with neighbors.
Little affection can make a beautiful world.

KACPTA, as the unique legal entity of tax professionals, carries out community services to practice in a sprit of Noblesse Oblige and to spread culture of sharing. It tries to make a happy and warm world with sharing and better welfare for the poor and unprivileged

  • Pro bono tax service ‘Village CPTA’ (Maeul Semusa)

    KACPTA, through the MOU with the Ministry of the Interior which is responsible local governments, provides pro bono tax service to community residents or villagers who have tax concern but also have difficulties to obtaining tax consultation from tax experts due to their hard economical conditions. Around 1,300 CPTAs all over the country participate in the ‘Village CPTA’ system to provide the pro bono tax service, as a donation of talent.

  • Specialized Tax Consultation in NAVER

    By exchanging agreement with NAVER, the first portal site in Korea, KACPTA provides online tax consultation as a donation of talent.

  • Social Contribution Committee, KACPTA Foundation

    KACPTA delivers contribution to social welfare organizations and others concerned at year’s end as social contribution activities. KACPTA Foundation was established with 1.1 billion won ($1 million) donations from members in 2013 to make a happy and warm society filled with hope and dream. Main Activities are the followings:

    • Support living expenses to the elderly living alone, the disabled, and single parent family, etc
    • Provide opportunity of education through scholarship to the poor and unprivileged
    • Provide relief goods to victims or suffers from unexpected disasters, and support retaliation of disaster areas,