KACPTA’s Business Scope
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  • Protection of Taxpayers’ rights
Protection of Taxpayers’ rights
We listen to the taxpayers’ voice more carefully.
  • Arbitration of disputes and grievance

    KACPTA operates Dispute and Grievance Arbitration Committee to protect taxpayer’s rights in case dispute arise between CPTA and taxpayer.

  • Indemnity business

    To protect taxpayer’s rights, KACPTA conducts indemnity business to compensate for any losses in case CPTA incurs losses to taxpayer by professional mistakes.

  • Year-round tax consultation

    Free tax consultation is available all year round at the tax consulting center located in KACPTA building, and provided via internet as well. In addition, CPTA offices all over the country participate in free tax consultation for a week twice a year during the Taxpayer’s Day (March 3) and Establishment Day of CPTA System (September 9).

  • Online tax lectures

    In order to promote tax payment, a variety of lectures on taxes, such as guide for year-end tax settlement, are available free of charge all year long on the Korea Tax Training Center website