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Cultivation of Skilled Workforce
We contribute to job creation by cultivating skilled tax accounting Workforce.
  • Business – Academic Cooperation

    Through business-academia agreements with around 86 colleges and high schools all over he country, KACPTA finds jobs for students who have completed a certain number of hours of education on computerized tax accounting, supports nationwide contests on computerized tax accounting, and distributes the KcLep, a tax accounting software, free of charge.

  • Distribution of Educational Books with application of National Competency Standards

    KACPTA provides colleges and high schools all over the country with educational textbooks (Accounting, Tax 1 and 2) manufactured with application of National Competency Standards (NCS) free of charge, followed by a national policy to distribute and settle the NCS.

  • Cultivation of Woman Workforce

    By exchanging business cooperation agreement with Woman’s New Career Center and National Woman Resources Development Center, KACPTA leads job creation by training computerized tax accounting to the woman whose career was broken, and by recommending the trained women in bookkeeping and accounting to CPTA offices and the medium and small enterprises.

  • Manpower Bank

    In order to provide more job opportunities to trainee, KACPTA operates manpower bank in its website.
    It helps CPTA offices and their client companies, assists students at 86 colleges and high schools that have exchanged business-academic agreement with KACPTA to find jobs.