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KACPTA’s Business

We serve to protect taxpayers’ rights and interests, and to improve tax administration.

In order to protect taxpayers’ rights and interests, contribute to smooth tax administration, sincere execution of tax liability, and promote compliance and dignity of CPTA, KACPTA carries out the following businesses.

  • Social contribution
  • Guidance and supervision of CPTA’s duty
  • Training and education of CPTA and their staff
  • Tax relief, and cooperation in tax administration
  • Free tax consultation and publicity to the taxpayers
  • Research and proposal on taxation system and CPTA system
  • Hosting academic forums and seminars on tax, and publication of scholarly journal on tax
  • Publication of ‘CPTA News and tax books
  • Mutual aid and welfare for members
  • Indemnity business to protect taxpayers’ rights
  • Cooperation and exchanges activities with foreign countries and international tax organizations
  • Entrusted training and education of the public on tax accounting
  • Free online tax education to promote the public awareness on tax payment
  • Service of tax DB, and publication of tax information materials
  • Computerized tax accounting exam (goverment-certified)
  • Tax accounting exam (goverment-certified)
  • Business accounting qualification exam (KACPTA-certified)
  • Distriburion of KACPTA-owned tax accounring program (“Semusarang Pro”)
  • Cultivation of skilled staff and manpower bank through business-academic cooperation
  • Management consulting support center
  • Guardianship support center