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Message from President
We will be strong supporters for the public!

Welcome to the Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants Website!

The Certified Public Tax Accountant("CPTA"), a professional qualification established in 1961 under the Certified Tax Accountant Act, are tax experts with a public nature and their mission is to protect the rights and interests of taxpayers and ensure that they faithfully fulfill their obligations as taxpayers.

CPTAs have protected the basic rights and property rights of citizens and corporations, who are tax sovereigns and have provided professional tax and accounting management advice necessary for tax payment and business operations.

In addition, we are playing a leading and dedicated role in establishing an advanced tax system such as tax reporting system, electronic reporting, and faithful reporting confirmation, making it the most economical tax system in the world.

The Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants("KACPTA"), comprised of approximately 16,000 tax accountants who perform social roles for taxpayers and businesses, was founded on February 10, 1962 and is a community of CPTAs who are the best tax experts with a history of over 60 years.

The KACPTA provides membership management and supervision, including registration and disciplinary action for CPTA members, which are essential for the development of the tax system and tax administration, and thorough supervision of their duties, as well as job and consulting member training to improve job quality, and the distribution of accounting and tax programs and job platforms, is in charge.

In addition, in order to fulfill our social responsibilities as experts, we are actively engaged in public interest activities such as talent donation and social service, such as Maul Tax Accountant, Dream Volunteer Group, and KACPTA Foundation, and are also working to improve the job skills and welfare of the 50,000 employees at member offices.

The KACPTA websites provides the latest tax information to taxpayers, resolves tax grievances, and provides valuable information and materials to tax accountants to enhance their capabilities and expertise in the business field. We hope you find this website useful.

In the future, the KACPTA seeks to create a CPTA society where members are the owners and a CPTA society loved by the people through major innovations in three areas: CPTA business field, KACPTA, and CPTA system, so we look forward to your continued support.

Thank you.

The 33rd President of KACPTA Koo Jae Yi