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Enhancement of Expertise & Ethics
We build trust by expanding expertise and sense of ethics.
  • Korea Tax Training Center

    Korea Tax Training Center, a statutory training organization, focuses on improving capability by educating members and their employees.
    KACPTA fulfills its public role to spread tax knowledge by providing education on taxes, accounting, and general business administration requested by the general public. All lectures, produced in video clips, are available at the Center website (http://edu.kacpta.or.kr).

    • Members’ compulsory education on tax law revision and filing returns on corporate and income taxes, and member’s voluntary education on various kinds of taxes
    • Practical education to opening CPTA office for 1 month of classroom education & 5 months of apprenticeship at CPTA offices to the apprentice CPTA, and for 1 month of classroom education to the retired-tax-officers CPTA
    • Education for employees of CPTA offices (government-financed training with employment insurance) with class on tax law explanation, class on tax accounting software, etc
  • Management Consulting Support Center

    The Center provides consultation, related guidances, rules & regulations, standard form, and supporting supervisory work so that CPTA could effectively perform evaluation of company’s financial soundness in the field of Construction Industry, Cultural Property Business, Electric Work, Forestry Business, Information and Technology Industry, Fire fighting Facility Work, Medicine and Medical Wholesale Supplies, etc. And online based consultation service is available on the Center’s website (http://www.kacpta.or.kr/).

  • Social Insurance Support Center

    The Center provides members with materials and information, and guides to obtain license of institute for agent activities of social insurance so that members could smoothly practice agent activities for social insurance. Online based consultation for social insurance is conducted through the Center’s website (http://www.kacpta.or.kr/).

  • Guardianship Support Center

    The Center trains, recommends and supervises guardians who carries out personal protection and property management of the person who are unable to or lack of ability to handle properly ordinary work due to disease, old age, and other psychological problems.

  • Ethics

    CPTA is required to hold strict ethics mind as the tax professional with public interest, because CPTA activities affect tax revenue and taxpayers’ rights a lot. KACPTA conduct ethics education for all members to strengthen their ethics mind, and CPTA is subject to be punished upon violating relevant laws and regulations.