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Focus on your business only by leaving the difficult tax and accounting matters to CPTA.
CPTA is a tax & accounting expert who serves as a bridge between the tax authority and the taxpayers in levying taxes and paying taxes in line with regulations. Especially, CPTA has become as an essential profession by increasing tax burden along with expansion of economic size.

In addition, CPTA as a tax & accounting specialist who is dealing with complicated and difficult tax and accounting matters is in the front line in protecting the people’s properties and rights. CPTA not only works as an assistant who files tax returns and manages taxes on behalf of taxpayers, but CPTA also take the lead in prevention and relief of unreasonable levy of taxes so that taxpayers with less knowledge on tax laws may avoid unfair treatment. Especially, CPTA gives help for a corporate management through a management consulting and agent service for the unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation.